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The Stallion podcast is a branded show that focuses on a variety of topics including fashion, entrepreneurship, body image and charitable work. We host a variety of Guests from differing backgrounds to offer unique insights into how we can all improve as both people and organizations. Retail Stallion; the brand behind the Stallion podcast, is an online clothing retailer that focuses on revolutionizing the world of retail by donating 25% of all profits to charity.

March 27, 2021

Understanding “Living History” Feat. “The Turnip of Terror”

In this episode, Kolten sits down with Ari Ailin, also known as "The Turnip of Terror" - Ari is an expert in medieval "living history" and reenactment. Ari explains what the purpose and culture is behind the idea of participating in these types of events - Ari also explains how you can find and participate in groups around the country that specialize in battle reenactments and living history. This was definitely an interesting show, with some great insight provided by Ari into how medieval culture pairs up with modern day culture - Such as how apparel and "fashion" have always played a major role in terms of social status and self expression. 

If you're interested in learning more, please visit Ari's website at https://theturnipofterror.com/

As always, if you're interested in shopping with Retail Stallion, visit us at www.retailstallion.com


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