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The Stallion podcast is a branded show that focuses on a variety of topics including fashion, entrepreneurship, body image and charitable work. We host a variety of Guests from differing backgrounds to offer unique insights into how we can all improve as both people and organizations. Retail Stallion; the brand behind the Stallion podcast, is an online clothing retailer that focuses on revolutionizing the world of retail by donating 25% of all profits to charity.

March 30, 2021

Leveling Up Your Body Image and Confidence Feat. Sean Ireland (The Stubborn Unicorn)

The Stallion Podcast is a podcast series with the goal of spreading positivity and self-confidence. In each episode, Kolten talks to someone who has experienced adversity in their life and come out on top. The podcast addresses topics like body image, mental health, overcoming addiction and more. Through these conversations we hope to provide listeners with insights into how they can find their own self confidence and adopt a positive body image mindset as well!

In this episode, Kolten sits down with Sean Ireland (also known as the stubborn unicorn) for a great and insightful discussion into what it takes to truly express yourself and adopt a positive image of both yourself and your body. 

If you're interested in learning more about Sean or following his Youtube Channel/Podcast, check out the links below:




And; as always, if you're interested in learning more about Retail Stallion, visit us at www.retailstallion.com


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