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The Stallion podcast is a branded show that focuses on a variety of topics including fashion, entrepreneurship, body image and charitable work. We host a variety of Guests from differing backgrounds to offer unique insights into how we can all improve as both people and organizations. Retail Stallion; the brand behind the Stallion podcast, is an online clothing retailer that focuses on revolutionizing the world of retail by donating 25% of all profits to charity.

March 16, 2021

Conscious Capitalism and The Mission of Retail Stallion

Ever wondered why we're always talking about "conscious capitalism" as it pertains to the mission of Retail Stallion? In this episode, Kolten explains what Conscious Capitalism actually is, and how Retail Stallion is working to utilize the theories behind it to revolutionize the world of online retail through donating 25% of all profits to the charities and charitable organizations that need it most. 

One of the key points that Kolten mentions is that Retail Stallion is not utilizing the "charity retail" business model of companies such as "Goodwill" - Where lesser quality products are donated and then resold at discounted prices. The idea behind Stallion fashion is that brand new, premium clothing and apparel products can be sold to our customers; while simply retaining 25% of our profits to donate to charitable organizations. 

Learn more by visiting www.retailstallion.com


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